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Page history last edited by Steven Hackbarth 10 years, 5 months ago


Upper Grade Computer Lab Activities

at The Lillie Devereux Blake School, P.S. 6, in Manhattan


Updates through June 2011 available at: http://hackbarths.blogspot.com/


September 2008-March 2009

Work began with reviews of MS Word and keyboarding. Forth graders wrote essays covering New York State, and placed pins on Google maps of New York State and wrote essays covering what learned in class about our state. They then viewed video about The Civil Rights Movement and conducted Web research on that topic. Fifth graders crafted blogs about Major Events in American History, then engaged in Oregon Trail and typed an assessment of the simulation.


April-June 2008

Students learned to use multimedia features of blogger.com, crafting pages about their favorite Web sites.


January-March, 2008

Students used Google Maps to place pins in locations being studied in their social studies curriculum, and to describe events that took place there. They saved and printed their creations. Fourth graders are working on Powerpoint presentations entitled "Exploration of the New World." Fifth graders are engaging in team play of The Oregon Trail, to expand upon their study of The Westward Movement.


November-December, 2007

Fourth and Fifth graders who had written permission from parents, completed a survey at gogreenwithall.com, as arranged and promoted by Ms. Gutwillig. The goal was to win $50,000 to finance construction of our rooftop greenhouse in memory of Eric Dutt.

They then began our "Internet Safety for Kids" project as described at:



This fall 2007, our extended day students crafted "Homework Help for Kids" wikis. Fourth and fifth graders also were shown how to make "My Favorite Web Sites" wikis, using an account already set up, so they did not have to go through process or registration using their own email addresses. You could only view a sample at

Homework Help for Kids  if the student provided you with the password. Student wikis are private, to be shared among friends who may add content.


Later, students will begin

Making Blogs

Here you will find instructions for safely making Weblogs.

You may address questions and comments to:

Steven Hackbarth





September 2006 through June 2007


The Lillie Devereux Blake School fifth graders have been using MS Office applications to produce a variety of documents.

Goals for the Year have been stated in terms of Stephen Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People."

Web sites have been evaluated in terms of informational content and technical quality.

Small groups of students have produced multimedia, narrated PowerPoint presentations about "Online Safety for Kids."

The year wraps up with Internet research skill building.


May through June 2006


Webmasters have been elected and are crafting class home pages!

See the winners at http://hometown.aol.com/ps6nyc

Go to Student Projects and click on your class #.


Team Leaders are making wikis that will link to individual student's blogs.


To be included in the class suite of Web pages, you must provide Team Leaders with your name, the topic of each of your blogs, and each URL.

(See photo below of class 5-301 at work.)








February through April 2006



Election of Class Web Production Officers



Each nominee for Supreme Webmaster, Webmaster, or Team Leader must register at the PeanutButterWiki farm (pbwiki.com) using their own email address.


Each nominee must then craft an exquisite wiki suite detailing and demonstrating their qualifications, identifying themselves by first name and classroom number only.



The wiki URL may be used in campaign posters and literature, along with those of their best blogs.


Refer to http://www.hackbarths.blogspot.com.


Steven Hackbarth

Computer Specialist Teacher


Snow? What snow?




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